Theory Of Nothing

or Just Theory

What’s so secret?

It amuses me that at this present moment, my tag cloud (which I have, I must admit, rather pretentiously, and worse still, very obviously pretentiously, called Theory Cloud) has SECRET as the largest tag, thereby shouting out to the world that I have a secret. This is of course because I have, in the very few number of posts I have so far managed to get up here, made the most number of posts secret by labelling them as such and slotting them into that said category.

Obviously though, these posts are not secret. They are here on this blog, posted and published on the internet for the world to read. (Certainly they are not password-locked as are some other blogs, or some other entries on some other blogs. Indeed what is the point of password-locking a blog or its entries on the internet? But that is another question, though still what’s so secret, to be considered another time.) Yet they are secret because, as I have said, I have created a category called Secret, then labelled and categorized them into that category of Secret.

If they are secret because they belong to the category of secret, then they are secret only because I say they are secret, because I label and categorize them as secret, proclaiming them secret. Indeed, everytime I post and publish the post as a secret in the category of secret, I’m proclaiming and telling the world here on the internet, in the most staged whisper, that not only do I have a secret, this very post here, is the secret. In fact, everytime I post and publish a post as a secret in the category of secret, the secret literally swells in the theory cloud of this blog, growing bigger and bigger, heavier and heavier, pregnant with itself the secret, ready to deliver anytime, to proclaim, tell and whisper what has yet to be proclaimed, told and whispered, in the secret of itself that is the secret to come.

So is it that which is stamped Secret, in imitation of the TOP SECRET pressed on envelopes issued from the highest orders, inviting prying clicking hands and searching reading eyes, in expectation of revelation? Or that which has not yet been proclaimed, told or whispered, even in that which is stamped Secret? Or rather, that which cannot be proclaimed, told or whispered, not even in the most conspiratorial of all whispers, staged, only staged, in the theoretical space of this blog?

Then there can only be no secret here. Absolutely Nothing Secret.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2007 - Posted by | Secret

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