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What is the Axis of Evil?

For Los Angeles pop culture artist, Plastic God, the Axis of Evil occurs along the reigns of our age’s political icons – Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, Kim Jong-il, George W Bush and Osama bin Laden. The notorious satirist has been working with Glendale-based vinyl art toy company Super Rad Toys to create his LEGO-like series of Axis of Evil toys.


The limited-edition set of these famous 5” rotocast collectible dolls have 7 points of articulation and come packed together in a flip-open window-door box. It will be available this September/October.

If you like Plastic God’s idea of the Axis of Evil, then you will also look forward to his limited-edition Jail House version of his Axis of Evil toy series, which he is currently working with Cardboard Spaceship in Santa Cruz to create.


Saddam Hussein even comes in a special neon shade reflecting his posthumous status, if you notice.


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Monday, 6 August 2007 - Posted by | Pop Culture

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