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Shot by Coffee

Stōk is black coffee shot and sweet black coffee shot sold in creamer cups. Each serving of Stōk contains 40mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a shot of espresso.

stok_product_reg_big.jpg stok_product_sweet_big.jpg

Scrooge academics, this is what you need to stock up on instead of paying extra for more shots at your preferred coffee place. Stōk’s limit warning is 2 servings per day, but as academics – especially as academics stuck at tedious conferences, or worse still, as academics trapped with marking undergraduates’ papers – 2 servings will be just barely enough to keep your brain from freezing over due to boredom. So, stock up Stōk!

PS. Shall I order massive amounts of Stōk online to give to my coffee-addicted supervisor? Some goodwill never goes awry, especially when you’re that low on the academic foodchain as a graduate student. But will I wake up one morning to find the scary men from Singapore customs (I am wired by a consistent and permanent sense of guilt which undoubtedly explains my instinctive and irrational fear of authority) knocking on my door to interrogate my import of what they may categorize as potential substances of abuse?

(Link to order Stōk)

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