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Consume consummate consumerism

This is belated, seeing that the Mid-Autumn Festival has come and gone, with the Theoretician Of Nothing having already gobbled down all sorts of imaginable mooncakes from Raffles Stamford the Plaza Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, Habour City Restaurant, Home’s Favourite, etc.

Such consumption is surely remarkable.

So, Theory Of Nothing indeed belatedly remarks on the remarkable mooncakes of consummate consumerism. Here is the figurative made literal made figurative, for the Asian consumers of Western cellphone giant, Nokia – mooncakes in the forms of Nokia cell phones:


Like I said, remarkable.


PS. From what I understand, these were only available in Taiwan, Starbucks. Please leave a comment if you know where else they could have been bought.

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More of the same but different…


… and that is why I’m still at Chapter 1, 24 500 words, footnote 237.

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