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Forbes Fictional 15

Amidst much gossip and rumours, the long-awaited and always highly debated Forbes Fictional 15 list is finally out! In today’s news, Theory Of Nothing will highlight some of the most memorable billionaires of our pop cultural history.

Mr Richie Rich is no. 4 with $10.7 billion. Living in Richville, U.S.A, this 10 year-old has made a name for himself with his vast inheritance and conglomerates.

Mr Monopoly is no. 6 with $7.1 billion. The respected Mr Monopoly is now 71 years old and lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey. All his money is from real estate.

Mr Willy Wonka is no. 11 with $2.07 billion. 57 years old Mr Wonka is famous for being especially eccentric and secludes himself in Kent, England. He made his fortunes with his candy empire and by bringing aerospace to new heights.

Mr Lucius Malfoy is no. 12 with $1.3 billion. Mr Malfoy is 51 years old and lives in Wiltshire, England. His money is all pure blood inheritance. A word of caution: do not tell him you’re not pure blood.

Mr Tony Montana is no. 13 with $1 billion. 42 years old Mr Montana lives in Miami, Florida. Mr Montana has notoriously made all his money in cocaine.

Ms Lara Croft is no. 14 with also $1 billion. Ms Croft is 37 years old and lives in Wimbledon, England. Besides inheriting her father’s fortune, Ms Croft has also made a tidy sum dabbling in antiques.

Mr Mario ends the list at no. 15 with again $1 billion. He is a young 23 and lives in edgy Brooklyn, New York. He has accumulated his money from what else, but commodities, of course.

As you can tell, today’s billionaires come from diverse backgrounds such as literature, film, video games, board games, etc. We are truly well into the postmodern age.

Till our next news flash, keep well, readers of Theory Of Nothing.


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Remember The Piano Teacher?

It was written by Elfriede Jelinek in 1983, adapted into a film starring the wonderful Isabelle Huppert 6 years ago.

Jelinek, who is famously agoraphobic and lives reclusively in her homes in Vienna and Munich, Germany, has decided to publish her latest book, Neid (German for “Envy”) online. The first two chapters are already up on her website.

In an email interview (but of course) with The Associated Press, she said, “I find the Internet to be the most wonderful thing there is. It connects people. Everyone can have input. It’s a wonderfully democratic method, publishing a text on the Internet.”

Jelinek is 60, Austrian, and the Nobel literature laureate. Some of her works such as, Wonderful, Wonderful Times, Women as Lovers and Lust have been considered pornographic.


I have not read enough Jelinek. But I had fun with The Piano Teacher. And someday I will write about the democracy of the internet.

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